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ABOUT US In our market, we are aiming to provide high-quality

In our market, we are aiming to provide high-quality, cost effective and higher performance products. DEMSUN is an expert in working with chemists and chemical engineers and at the same time working together with some of the largest Universities in the world with our fast paced R&D programme with our aim of offering high quality innovative products.

All Demsun products are developed in Hadimkoy near Istanbul within our purpose built high-tech facility constructed on 25000 m² area site.

About Detail
Experiences of Quarter Century

Demsun is a registered trade mark of Akdemir Teknik Makina Pazarlama San. A.S with over 25 years experience and many trade marks in its organisation. We specialise in offering high quality products designed with the contractor in mind.

Wide Range of Products

At Demsun we develop high quality products for the varying needs of our customers specialising in PU Foams, PU Sealants, aerosols, multi-purpose silicones, acrylic sealants, technical and industrial adhesives.

High Quality Approach

All Demsun products are developed in Hadimkoy/Istanbul. We are located on 25000 m area. our purpose is, to produce high-tech facility construction chemicals. and our factory has high capacity of production. Also we have ISO 9001 quality sertificate for all of the products .